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Article: ‘Shrooms in Skincare: 5 Real Skin Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

‘Shrooms in Skincare: 5 Real Skin Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

‘Shrooms in Skincare: 5 Real Skin Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

Mushrooms. When you think of mushrooms, you may picture savory foods—pizza, pasta, a drool-worthy plate of risotto. (Yes, please.) Fungi haven’t exactly been in the spotlight as a powerful ingredient for skincare - until recently! ‘Shrooms are on the rise in the skincare world, and that's because they have amazing benefits for your skin! Today we're talking all about ‘shrooms in skincare and sharing 5 real skin benefits of Reishi Mushroom.

What Is Reishi?

There are thousands of types of mushrooms in nature, many with amazing wellness benefits, especially for your skin. They’re classified as adaptogens, which are a group of herbs or plants that support overall wellness. Today, we’re focusing in on one of the thousands: the Reishi Mushroom. 

The Reishi Mushroom, or “Mushroom of Immortality” as it is also referred to, is native to Asia. This fungi is brown and red in appearance, making it striking to look at. It can be found growing on the side of dead logs or trees, specifically of the Maple or Hemlock variety. 

How Has It Been Used?

The Reishi Mushroom has long been used in traditional wellness practices, especially those in Asia where it originates. People have commonly drank Reishi as a tea. Due to it's bitter, earthy taste, people tend to take it in the form of an extract or in a powder blend with other ingredients to help mask the bitterness. Outside of ingesting, it has become an ever-popular ingredient in skincare serums, moisturizers, and masks for its off-the-charts benefits, which we will get to below!

What Are It's Benefits?

From studies touting longevity to keeping wrinkles at bay, the benefits are seemingly endless for the Reishi Mushroom. Here are the top 5 reasons to add it to your skincare ritual: 

      1. Reishi Mushrooms contain a high amount of beta-glucans. These are naturally occurring simple sugars that work to reduce itching and redness on the skin. These gentle actives promote the appearance of a smoother, more evenly toned and textured complexion.
      2. They are antioxidant powerhouses that work to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are everywhere - from the environment to your own body. Some examples of free radicals are UV rays or cigarette smoke. They enter the body and float around causing all sorts of havoc. Luckily, the supportive antioxidants found within Reishi Mushroom act like mini superheroes and starve off the bad free radicals. Since these particles are associated with premature signs of aging like fines lines, sun damage, and wrinkles, the result of using Reishi is more youthful, healthy skin.
      3. Dealing with pesky acne? Enter the Reishi Mushroom. The properties of this glorious mushroom give it amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, combating the inflammation and irritation that cause and are caused by breakouts.
      4. Reishi is gentle, yet effective. This means that even with those with sensitive skin can enjoy it and reap it's many benefits without potential irritation.
      5. Last but not least, Reishi Mushroom is naturally detoxifying! It works on your skin and in your body to assist with cleansing and eliminating toxins, leading to a clear, healthy complexion.

Are you ready to get on board and try out this amazing little fun-guy? (Dad joke, don’t mind us). You can start out by incorporating the Valley of Light Illuminative Mask into your weekly beauty regimen. This mask is rich in Reishi Mushroom and works in tandem with the other beneficial ingredients included to help purify pores, strengthen your skin and give you that year-round glow!



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