Dayspring | Natural skincare for sensitive skin + souls

Hi there! I'm Elysse.

That's me on the right. The hottie on the left is my husband.
I wrestled with my skin for a long time. I'm talking severe adult acne. I tried a hundred different things to solve my skin issues - diets, supplements, prescriptions, you name it. When I decided to start this business in 2015, I was in the thick of it, desperate to have healthier skin. So I started doing my own research and mixing up my own simple, natural skincare essentials in my studio apartment. I was sick + tired of products that were harsh, unattractive, and lacked any enjoyment whatsoever, so I decided to go a different route.
I found little moments of rest mixing up a cacao + honey facial mask, cleansing with oats + chamomile, misting my face with flower waters, and massaging plant oils into my stressed skin. It was just lovely! I didn't experience some miracle healing of my acne overnight, but in slowing down and being present and taking in all the different scents + textures, my skin and soul felt more calm.
Over time, by the grace of God, my skin did improve significantly - partially due to simplifying my skincare routine, partially due to learning how to slow down, stop and breathe, be present to the beauty around me (and partially due to factors that I'm probably not even aware of and had no control over.)
 Mostly Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin
Tons of customers have raved about how these products have helped their skin heal over the years, and I get the sense that it's not just because they're good products, but because they really are enjoyable and practically beg you to slow down.
Dayspring Natural Skincare is ultimately about rest. Being present. Setting your sights on what's good and beautiful. Letting your skin and your soul breathe.
Ultimately, my goal is to create natural skincare that inspires little moments of rest for your skin + soul, while pointing you towards the One who is the ultimate rest for your soul. With or without adult acne, I've learned that true peace is found in Jesus Christ alone. He's the One I was ultimately longing for all those years, and still long for. I still have eczema, suffer from OCD, struggle with pride, etc. - and eagerly await the day when He heals my body + soul completely. He offers rest, redemption and healing to all who come to Him.
If you ever have questions, please reach out. Otherwise, let your skin + soul rest, my friend. That's where our real work lies, isn't it?


“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:28