5 Skincare Tips to Transition Your Skin From Winter to Spring

Spring has sprung and with the environmental changes also come the physical ones - namely, changes in our skin. For those in cooler climates, the months of scrubbing and moisturizing away dry skin are long gone as the temperatures rise and unforgiving elements like wind, snow, and forecast fluctuations become clear skies and sunshine. You may be wondering how one season can drastically alter your skin’s condition...Read on for how these seasonal changes affect our skin and our 5 best tips to transition your skin from winter to spring, seamlessly.

Spring vs. Winter 

The difference between spring and weather winter comes down to cellular level changes. In one study  of 80 adults, it was concluded that when temperatures drop, the protection of the skin’s barrier against the elements also drops. This happens since there’s a lesser amount of a vital protein called filaggrin in the skin. Science jargon aside, this just means that during the winter, your skin’s defense is low. Mix that with lower amounts of moisture in the air, and you have a concoction for skin terror. That’s why you exhibit all sorts of uncomfortable things - dry skin patches, rosier complexions, and a lower glow.
However, when the temperatures rise, your skin’s lipid barrier is restored (hallelujah!) Thanks to the weather warming up, it’s far less common that you’ll feel dry skin. However, with the new weather comes two new challenges: stronger UV rays and increased production of oils. This means you’re more likely to burn and breakout.
So, while each season comes with its pros and cons, there are handy tips to help your complexion stay calm, clear, and radiant as we head into warmer months. Here are our top 5:

Sunscreen, Always. 

Sure, it may seem like we’re being complete moms by telling you not to forget your sunscreen. But, it seriously is important. When the temperatures rise during the spring/summer, it’s because our side of the earth is closer to the sun than it is in the winter. This means that the UV rays are stronger. Plus, let’s not forget the fact we start wearing our bathing suits more frequently and are outside—thanks to daylight savings—far longer. This is heavy exposure to the sun, so, just wear the sunscreen (you’ll thank us later.) It’ll protect you from burning and help ward off future wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation that can occur thanks to sun damage. Both things we’re sure you’ll appreciate long-term. If you’re someone who thinks you’ll forget adding sunscreen into your routine, find a moisturizer that has it included. It’ll be a win-win. 

Use A Serum. 

With warmer weather, comes sweat. The heavy creams or thick moisturizers that you use to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized in the winter are put away come spring. Like a fuzzy sweater in sixty degree weather, they’ll only add to the excess of moisture from your body. We recommend switching over to a more basic skincare line-up that includes a great, light-weight serum. Serums are fantastic since they offer the skin a mega boost of nutrients without clogging pores. You’ll want to find one that is packed with antioxidants to help fight against sun damage. If you’re lost on which to use, try out our Age Gracefully serum, an ultra gentle natural retinol serum with natural actives like chlorophyll and potent antioxidants. 

Switch Your Moisturizer.

Say goodbye to the day cream and the night cream; you no longer need to put crazy mounds of either on your face to wake up dry-patch free. The spring is a time to get loose, and get light! Find a lightweight moisturizer to swap in for the creams. It won’t create clogged pores or leave your skin suffocated by a film of product. You can use something like our Balancing Act serum - an ultra lightweight, gentle and fast-absorbing oil serum - applied before makeup or as the final step in your evening skincare ritual.  

Revisit Your Mask Contents.

In the winter, you probably use any and all hydrating masks, right? Well, come spring, you’ll want to switch it up and start to use something that gently exfoliates and clears. The mix of sun and sweat leads you down a path of clear complexion resistance. Since that’s a surefire way of getting pimples, use a mask that can go in and get rid of all the junk that will accumulate daily.
We recommend using a non-drying, clay-free mask like Valley of Light Illuminative Mask - which offers both physical exfoliation from hand-ground Balinese Coffee and light chemical exfoliation from natural alpha-hydroxy-acids found in Balinese Hibiscus - once a week. Organic Reishi Mushroom offers detoxifying benefits (among so many others) as well! Pro tip - apply Valley of Light to skin, allowing the AHA's to work their magic. Once ready to remove, wet your skin and massage the mask off using gentle, circular motions for a gentle (not to mention delicious!) physical exfoliation. 

Eat Seasonally. 

Want to eat for your skin? Why not, after all. In the warmer months, there’s a huge influx of fresh leafy greens, and ripe, juicy fruits. The best way to keep up an external appearance that is glow-worthy and luscious is feeding your body right on the inside. Eating meals that are lighter but packed with vitamins and minerals is a one-way ticket to happy skin. Not sure where to start? Sauté a cup of kale with garlic. It’s super simple, delicious, and these two ingredients are known to be natural detoxifiers!
Hopefully these 5 tips will set you on a path to a beautifully peaceful transition loaded with lots of glow. Do you have some tips you want to share with us? Comment below! We’d love to hear them.