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Article: Meet Gabby, the Beauty Behind The Green Belle YouTube & Podcast

Meet Gabby, the Beauty Behind The Green Belle YouTube & Podcast

Meet Gabby, the Beauty Behind The Green Belle YouTube & Podcast

Meet Gabby - clean beauty & wellness blogger, Wabi-Sabi Botanicals ambassador, YouTuber, and podcaster sharing all things clean beauty, health and home. Gabby is a powerhouse of knowledge, gorgeous content, and passion when it comes to a holistic, healthy lifestyle. From weekly #SelfCareSundays to tips & tricks on organizing your home to interviews with healthy living experts, you can find it all on her website, The Green Belle, Instagram (@thegreenbelle) and YouTube channel! Gabby is passionate about sharing the toxic-free love - body, mind and spirit - with her followers and we're so excited to have her in the Wabi-Sabi Botanicals family! Read on for an interview with Gabby on her favorite ingredient in skincare, her very own Bulletproof coffee recipe, and more!

What inspired you to create The Green Belle?

I’ve always had a passion for sharing my tips, tricks and product suggestions with family members, friends, co-workers and even strangers. And as a result, I became people’s default go-to person for advice on health, beauty and home. I’ve also always been a creative person, and love expressing myself in visual ways - which is what led me to starting my Instagram page, The Green Belle, and later my YouTube channel and Podcast which allowed me to share more of my personality and have the opportunity to interact with my audience in a different and more intimate way.

What’s your ultimate goal or big dream?

I’ve always had a dream of writing a book. A book that encompasses a holistic and natural approach to beauty, home, nutrition and overall health. Beforehand, I do wish to further my education in nutrition and health.

How would you describe your skin?

I have relatively normal skin that gets dry during the winter months. I occasionally get breakouts, but I typically notice this when my diet hasn’t been up to par (aka. I sneak in a cheesecake full of sugar and dairy) or my stress levels are particularly high.

What's your favorite ingredient in skincare?

This is so tough! Right now Im really into skincare products high in Vitamin C - I love the brightening benefits.

Which Wabi-Sabi Botanicals product do you reach for most often?

The Offering Ageless Ritual Face Mist

Why do you love it?

I have long been a fan of facial mists and use it more than any other product I own. I spray myself before I apply my serums, after a mask, before and after the gym, when my skin is looking dry or dull, when I need a refresher. Pretty much any occasion that calls for it, if I could have an ongoing facial mist - that would be life changing.

What’s your ideal #SelfCareSunday?

My ideal #SelfCareSunday would start with a cup of my modified Bulletproof coffee (organic brewed coffee with brown butter ghee, Brain Octane, and raw organic cocoa) while listening to new episode of my favourite podcast “Happier and Healthier”. It would also include planning out my week and setting goals, exfoliating, self-tanning,  recording a podcast episode with some inspirational and finishing off with an indulgent skincare routine and a juicy reality TV show!

Beauty is...

What you make it.

Beauty to different people has varying meanings. It’s so individualized, and I believe that we each create it in our own individualized ways through the way we speak, what we create, how we interact with others, the list goes on.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Super speed! If I could speed through house work and chores to have time for the things I enjoy, this would be a life saver!

If you could stand on top of a mountain and say one thing that every woman in the world would hear, what would it be?

Wow this is crazy and actually gave me chills thinking about how powerful this would be! I would say my favourite quote: Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile! 



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