4 Easy and Fun Self-Care Activities To Try Today

If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed, stressed out, or just too dang serious on occasion. By now, we all know that self-care is way more than face masks and bubble baths. And it's not always as serious as letting go of that toxic friend or crying your eyes out when you need to (though both are so important.) Sometimes self-care is as easy as taking a minute or five out of your day to do something different. To do something weird and uncool and uncomfortable. Something that feels weird and foreign at first, but feels really good during and after. These are 4 of my favorite easy and fun self-care activities.

1. Do a moving meditation (AKA. Dance like a weirdo)

Play any song of your choice (I love this song for this exercise), close your eyes, and let your body move organically to the music. You're going to want to be in an open space, by yourself (so you can really let go!) for this one. Allow your body to move however it wants without judgment or overanalyzing. There is no right or wrong and you don't have to look good or be a good dancer. Let the music inspire your movement, surrender to the moment, and feel the joy of being here now.

2. Wash your hands like a goddess

I don't know about you, but I pretty much always go into autopilot when performing mundane, every-day tasks. But these moments are actually opportunities for self-care when we tune into them! Try washing your hands and being completely present in the moment. Notice the temperature of the water, how it feels on your skin. Close your eyes for a moment and engage your senses. Express gratitude for the clean water, for your hands. Practice doing mundane tasks with intention and gratitude, and the mundane moments become a living meditation.

3. Stop taking yourself so seriously

Slip away for a minute of uninhibited goofiness. It's easy to get caught up in the seriousness of day-to-day life. If you notice yourself feeling overly serious, stressed, or overwhelmed, find a private space and give yourself a full minute to be as silly as possible. Make the goofiest or ugliest face you can muster up, do your most obnoxious laugh out loud, or do your best impression of a weird accent. Ask yourself What Would Jim Carrey Do? and let your freak flag fly, if just for a moment. Nothing reduces stress or pulls you back into the present moment quite like pure, child-like laughter. 

4. Throw your phone into a river (But not really)

Raise your hand if you're always attached to some form of technology. I know I'm not the only one! In this day and age, we're almost never without our phones. And if we're not looking at our phones, there's a good chance we're looking at other screens like our computers or TV's. While there's nothing inherently wrong with technology, it can sometimes get in the way of healthy, face-to-face human interaction and relationships. I also know that part of self-care is taking the time to check in and be present with yourself - to listen to your body and to check in with your emotions and spiritual fitness. This is really hard to do if you're constantly tuned in elsewhere! Try going on a 15-minute walk outside and leaving your phone at home. Notice your thoughts and feelings, engage your senses, and relax into the moment. Take your significant other on a date or go out with friends, and leave your phones in the car. Unplugging has a way of bringing us closer - to ourselves, to our loved ones, to the present moment - and reminding us what's most important. Plus, it just feels really, really good.

4 easy and fun ways to practice self-care for women

Have you tried any of these? Are you going to? Let me know and share your own self-care ideas in the comments below!