Say Goodbye to Dry! The Best Skin Serums for Dry, Winter Skin

If you’ve ever experienced dry winter skin, you know just how uncomfortable it is. When temperatures drop, the dry air inside and outside can dry out your skin and leave lipid barriers compromised. To combat dryness and protect exposed skin, it’s crucial to customize your skincare to the changing climate. While all of our products aid skin year round, these are the best serums to help you get that easy, glowy summer complexion - even in the dead of winter.

What Causes Dry Skin?

 There are several factors that can cause your skin to become dry, some of the most common are external. The heating in our homes and the reduced humidity outside aren’t exactly our skins best friends. When the dry air is unavoidable, the best solution is to make sure your skin care routine provides the right nutrients so your skin can defend against dehydration. Enter Moisture Boost and Age Gracefully Intesif Serums, our winter skin saviors... 

Moisture Boost Intensif Treatment Serum

This Intensif Serum is named Moisture Boost for a reason - it's chock full of deeply moisturizing ingredients that help your skin bounce back from winter dryness. The first ingredient in Moisture Boost is Brazil Nut oil, which is rich in moisture-trapping oleic acid. Along with Brazil nut oil, squalane-rich Amaranth Seed oil and raw Ximenia oil sourced from the Namibian desert makes this serum the perfect dry skin superhero. 

Use Moisture Boost alone or paired with Heart Rising Quintessential Hydrating Facial Mist for boosted absorption.

Best Serum for Dry Winter Skin Moisture Boost

Age Gracefully Intensif Treatment Serum

Whether you’re concerned with skin aging or not, Age Gracefully Intensif Serum is the perfect choice to protect your skin from environmental aggressors. Naturally occurring retinol from Cacay oil and potent antioxidants in Green Coffee oil provide your skin with the arsenal it needs to defend against dry air, harsh winds, and whatever else the environment may challenge you with. 

Pair with Moisture Boost for the ultimate dry skin defense routine. 

Best Serum for Dry Winter Skin Age Gracefully

Stay tuned for our next post, where I’ll be diving more into the natural retinol found in Age Gracefully, and what makes it so unique. 
 Thanks for reading!