8 Easy & Effective Ways To Heal Pimples Fast

Pimples. They're pesky. They're persistent. And they're so tempting to pop. If you're like us, when you wake up to Mt. Pimpleton on your chin, you want that sucker gone ASAP. And you definitely don't want to make worse. Today we're sharing 8 easy & effective ways to heal your pimples fast (and not a single one involves putting toothpaste on your face - you're welcome.) 

How To Heal Pimples Fast - Wabi-Sabi Botanicals

Apply a hot compress to whiteheads

Instead of popping your whiteheads (and possibly spreading bacteria to the rest of your face - no thank you), try applying a hot compress to them. Another options is to do a facial steam. The heat from the compress or facial steam helps to loosen up your pores, allowing them to expel toxins easier. 

A hot compress doesn't have to be complicated - simply dip a super-soft facial cloth (like one of these) into warm-hot water, squeeze any excess water out, and hold it, using gentle pressure, to the area where you're breaking out. Do this morning & night and follow up with a spot treatment

Speaking of which, use a spot treatment

Spot treatments are concentrated serums designed specifically to help heal pimples. A really good spot treatment will both help your pores expel toxins and soothe inflammation. While many spot treatments employ ingredients like Tea Tree essential oil, essential oils aren't always necessary and might be too harsh for very sensitive skin.

Looking for the perfect, sensitive skin-friendly spot treatment? Blemish Correct has zero essential oils, just 4 amazing ingredients, and works to both expel toxins & soothe the look of inflammation. Win win. Try it for yourself here. 


Ditch the 'home remedies'

Tempting as it may be to put toothpaste on your face, it's high time to ditch the 'home remedies.' Truth is, a lot of them aren't remedies at all. When you apply products to your face that aren't designed for your face (or your skin at all), you risk drying out or irritating your skin, worsening inflammation, etc. 

Stick with the tips you find here and save the toothpaste for your teeth - you'll thank us later.

Apply a cold compress or ice to painful, cystic breakouts

Have a super painful, inflamed or cystic breakout? The worst, right? Touching, popping or picking at these deep pimples does absolutely no good. In these cases, you want to apply a cold compress or ice cube to the affected area. The cooling effect of the ice helps to reduce inflammation and pain associated with the breakout.

As it moves up to the surface of your skin and becomes a whitehead, you can then apply a hot compress as mentioned before.

Besides that, don't even touch it

Speaking of touching, popping, and picking - don't. do. it. Seriously. While it can be really tempting to pop every pimple that rears it's ugly head, popping or picking at them tends to spread bacteria (hello, new breakouts) and makes your skin even more vulnerable and exposed. This is why popping whiteheads, or even blackheads, sometimes makes them worse. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Keep a hot compress in one hand and your trusty spot treatment in the other, and you'll have no hands for popping. 

Oil cleansing is your skin's new BFF

When you're breaking out, you want to treat your skin like sensitive skin - because it is. You also want to remove any excess sebum that may be contributing to your breakouts - without drying out your skin. 

Enter oil cleansing. We wrote a whole love letter (aka. blog) about oil cleansing and why it's amazing for acne-prone skin here. Long story short, oil cleansing is much gentler than most conventional cleansers, it doesn't dry out your skin, and because like attracts like, oil cleansers are able to bind to excess sebum on your skin and wash it away. See why we say it's your skin's new BFF? 

You can use an oil cleanser daily to get ahead of breakouts, or save it for when you need it most, but either way, get yourself a cleansing oil. If you haven't tried it yet, The Giver Cleansing Oil is a must-try with a boost of brightening vitamins and a delicious coffee brownie scent.

While you're at it, avoid any & all harsh products (ie. acids, exfoliants)

Did someone say conventional cleanser? Like conventional cleansers, some products just aren't suitable for breakouts (or acne-prone skin in general.) Especially not the super harsh 'acne treatments'. When you find yourself in the middle of Breakout City, you may want to take a break from some of the products you use on a daily basis. Acids, exfoliants, conventional cleansers, strong retinol treatments, and more can be too harsh for sensitive, healing skin. 

Opt instead for a cleansing oil, a hydrating mist, the perfect spot treatment, and a soothing moisturizer. Downsize your skincare routine and keep it simple and nourishing to heal your pimples fast. 

Go makeup-free for a day (or two)

When you've got Mt. Pimpleton on your chin, the last thing you want to do is walk out the door sans concealer. But what is we told you that one of the best things you can do for your breakouts...is let them breathe? Makeup can be heavy and pore-clogging at times, especially for skin that's already congested. If you really want to heal those pimples fast, follow the tips above and then go makeup-free for a day. Or two. Or three. You'll get a beautiful practice in self-acceptance and your skin will be clear and calm in no time.

Have your tried any of these tips to heal pimples fast? Let us know your experience in the comments below.